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“...Harris has figured out how to play the guitar with the drive, drones, and finesse necessary to conjure up centuries of old-time fiddling. This debut album is groundbreaking!"

- Matt Brown


"With Old Time Guitar, Harris makes a compelling mark within a contemporary old-time scene hungry to demonstrate its canon isn’t just time capsule music, but relevant contextualized in the present — with production, arrangements, and outside-the-box thinking to match."

- Justin Hiltner, The Bluegrass Situation

Photo credit: Grace Clark

Morgan Harris (she/they) is a Colorado-based guitarist specializing in traditional North American stringband music, a.k.a. ‘old time’ music. In contrast to the purely accompanying role the guitar often occupies in this space, Morgan’s distinctive playing technique allows the guitar to shine as an old time melody instrument, creating a rhythmic drive and a multi-layered resonance rarely heard from a flatpicked guitar. Her 2020 debut album, Old Time Guitar, is a collection of fifteen solo guitar performances demonstrating the possibilities of this unique approach to the instrument, and was picked as one of the top ten old time releases of 2020 on the Old Time Jam with Brad Kolodner. Morgan’s music has been featured on The Bluegrass Situation, and she has appeared as a guest on Get Up in the Cool with Cameron DeWhitt, and Relax Your Grid with Matt Brown. She is also a member of the old time trio Tall Poppy String Band. She has performed all across the country, including at such festivals as the Durango Bluegrass Meltdown, IBMA Bluegrass Live! and Wintergrass.

Morgan is also a passionate teacher with over a decade of experience as an instructor, both in one-on-one and group settings. Her specialty lies in teaching guitar playing for old time music, whether that means breaking down traditional backup guitar styles, or showing different ways of approaching old time fiddle melodies on guitar - but she also enjoys and has extensive experience in a variety of genres that involve acoustic guitar, from fingerpicking to bluegrass to swing. She was on faculty at Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling Camp in 2023, teaching old time backup and melodic guitar playing.

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